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sâmbătă, ianuarie 12

Oameni despre care poți cu greu să crezi că există

 This person wearing whatever this is.

This cheetah woman and her kin

This person in a cow costume.

This woman who tucked her tatas into her pants.

This woman wearing these tights.

This woman wearing a cat coat.

 This person walking their computer.

 This bro who is also maybe a witch.

This cheese model.

This girl blow drying her teeth.

This woman eating a block of cheese.

This granddaughter.

This girl eating her own fist.

This dude getting lunch.

This grandma.

This man in this koala mask.

This person with these toenails.

This kid at the grocery store.

This dude.

This kid who brought his Xbox to prom.

This girl just doing her homework.

This person who wore these Crocs for this long.

This guy riding the bus.

This girl wearing a Doritos bag in her hair.

This grandma at the grocery store.

This woman at Burger King.

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