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miercuri, octombrie 13

Citiţi repede!

Jaws - it's a shark.

The others - they are all dead.

Shawshank Redemption - he escapes.

Psycho - it's his mum.

24 Season 1 - it's Nina.

The Mist - He kills all his family and survives.

Prison Break - they escape.

Planes, Trains and Autombiles - John Candys wife is dead.

Green Mile - John Coffey get's executed.

Gladiator - He dies.

Braveheart - He's a Scottish traitor who gets hung, drawn and quartered.

ET - He gets home.

The Last Samurai - it's Tom Cruise

Knocked Up - they love each other.

Rocky - he loses.

Rocky II - he wins.

Predator - Schwarzenegger wins.

T2 - Schwarzenegger melts.

Brokeback Mountain - Heath Ledger is gay.

Batman: The Dark Knight - Heath Ledger doesn't get away with it, acts really well. Don't expect to see the Joker though in Batman 3.

Blair Witch: She makes kids stand in a corner.

The Shining - Jack Nicholson is mental.

Friday the 13th - It's his mum.

Scream - it's two of them.

Ferris Beullers Day Off - he gets away with it.

The Goonies - They find the treasure.

Donnie Darko- He goes back in time to die

Fight Club- Edward Norton IS Tyler Durden

Saw - The corpse in the room is John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer.

Saw 2 - It's Amanda Young.

Titanic - The boat sinks

12 Angry Men - not guilty.

Usual Suspects - its Kevin Spacey.

High School Musical - It's shit.

Sixth sense - Bruce Willis is dead

Blade Runner - Deckard is a replicant.

The Crying Game - Dil is a man.

The Matrix - There is no spoon

Reservoir Dogs - Tim Roth (Mr Orange) is an undercover cop.

I Am Legend - he dies.

Harry Potter - he lives

Battlestar Galactica- Saul Tigh is a cylon

Mein Kampf - He dies


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